Thursday, 18/11/21


13.00 Uhr                          Lunch


16.00 Uhr                          Coffee


16.30 Uhr                          Rob Meens
                                          What does "canon law" actually mean in the Early Middle Ages?


17.15 Uhr                          Coffee Break


17.30 Uhr                          Sebastian Scholz
                                          Roman law and clerical law. Multi-normativity in Merowingian France.




19.30 Uhr                          Dinner at Laurenz/Weinbar and Restaurant




Friday, 19/11/21


9.15 Uhr                            Steffen Patzold
                                          The Collectio Dionysio-Hadriana


10.00 Uhr                          Stefan Esders
                                          Women and the professio iuris in Carolingian and post-Carolingian Italy.


10.45 Uhr                          Coffee Break


11.00 Uhr                          Carine van Rhijn
                                          Carolingian religious culture


11.45 Uhr                          Helmut Reimitz
                                          Is critical race studies only for the US? Reflections on current debates about
                                          the historical study of identities in Europe and the United States. 



12.30 Uhr                          Lunch break



14.00 Uhr                          Max Diesenberger
                                          Histories in Transition. Historiographical texts from Salzburg from ca. 800
                                          to ca. 1200.



14.45 Uhr                          Coffee break


15.00 Uhr                          Georg Jostkleigrewe
                                          An Inquiry into late medieval Court Parties: Problems and Potential.


15.45 Uhr                          Coffee break


17.00 Uhr                          An early medieval cathdral comes to light.
                                          Excursion to the ongoing excavations at St. Johannis with a guided tour
                                          by the excavation director, Dr. Guido Faccani


19.30 Uhr                          Between Northern and Southern Germany.
                                          Dinner at the restaurant Bootshaus.




Saturday, 20/11/2021


8.30 Uhr                            Breakfast


10.00  Uhr                         Concluding Remarks


11.00                                 End of the conference / lunch snacks (to go)