2nd Arabo-Greek Workshop

Connections between Byzantine and Islamic Philosophy

A Mainz History Talks workshop organized by
Joe Glynias (Cambridge, MA) and Zachary Chitwood/Johannes Pahlitzsch (Mainz)
under the auspices of the Gutenberg International Conference Center

June 9-10, 2023


Program all times are in CET

Online participant = *

Location: Helmholtz Institute Mainz (Staudingerweg 18, 55128 Mainz)


All sessions will also be broadcast over Zoom. The Zoom link for all presentations is:


JUN 9, 2023

15.00-15.30 Introduction

15.30-17.30, 1st session

  • Adrian Pirtea (Vienna), Narratives of Recovered Antediluvian Wisdom in the Islamic and Byzantine Intellectual Traditions
  • Lilli Hölzlhammer (Uppsala), Pragmatism and the Believer: On the Philosophical Approach and Religious Doubts in Kalila wa-Dimna and Its Greek Translation Stephanites kai Ichnelates

17.30-18.30 Break

18.30-20.30, 2nd session

  • *Petros Bouras-Vallianatos (Athens) and Elvira Wakelnig (Vienna), The Greek Translation of Ḥunayn Ibn Isḥāq’s Questions on Medicine and Its Arabic Model
  • Maria Mavroudi (Berkeley), Byzantine Translations from Arabic into Greek


JUN 10, 2023

15.00-17.00, 3rd session

  • Christian Høgl (Odense), Correspondences between Narrative and Philosophical Features in Arabo-Greek Translations
  • *Samet Budak (Ann Arbor), Arabo-Greek Primers and a Translation Movement at the Fifteenth-century Ottoman Court

17.00-17.30 Break

17.30-19.00 Roundtable

  • Project Report: Index of Manuscripts with Arabic-Greek Translations
  • Future of the Group

Moderators: Zachary Chitwood/ Johannes Pahlitzsch