Europe in an Era of Intensifying US-China Rivalry:                             Challenges and Opportunities from an Outside-in Perspective

August 23rd-26th, 2022, Mainz / hybrid

US-China relations have been steering towards an uncertain future in recent years. This trend has not only been related to political leadership, but is also grounded in structural reasons. As the two countries are coming closer to a potential power transition, further deteriorating relations between Washington and Beijing may well entail the escalation of numerous simmering conflicts in the Indo-Pacific and other world regions as well as the crippling of global governance. All of this represents an alarming trajectory for Europe, whose security, welfare, and values are increasingly at stake. Consequently, Europe urgently needs a systematic debate on what exactly the implications of a worsening US-China rivalry for Europe are and how Europe could, and should, prepare for and react to such a likely scenario. Against this backdrop, this workshop brings together leading American and Chinese scholars to take a specific outside-in perspective on discussing Europe’s role and options regarding its triangular relationship with the US and China. 

Scientific Organizers:

Dr. Sebastian Biba

Univ.- Prof. Dr. Andreas Rödder

Event Manager: Kumi-Raine Kost