The Failure of the post-Cold War Order?
Wednesday, 31 May
3 pm Arrival & check-in
4pm: Voluntary guided city tour, meeting point: reception
7.00pm: Welcome Dinner
Welcome address: Stefan Müller-Stach, Vice President for Research and Early Career Academics at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Thursday, 1 June
Venue : River Rhine Cruise
Cruise departs at 9:00
9.15am-9:30am: Preliminary remarks and introduction
Francis J. Gavin + Andreas Rödder
9:30am-11am: Panel 1 - Western Hubris? Alternatives to founding the post Cold War-Order on Western Cold War institutions?
Dominik Geppert
Piers Ludlow
Kristina Spohr
Vlad Zubok
Chair: Glenda Sluga
11:30am-1:00pm: Panel 2 - Russian Humiliation? Was there an option to embed a post-imperial Russia and East Central Europe into the post-Cold War order?
Jan C. Behrends
Wanda Jarząbek
Michael Kofman
Sergey Radchenko
Chair: Mattias Hesserus
4:00pm: Shore leave at Eltville & tour through Eltville’s sights
6:15pm: Bus transfer
7:00pm: Dinner at Baiken restaurant in Eltville
Friday, 2 June

Venue: Leibniz-Zentrums für Archäologie (LEIZA) Mainz

9:00am-10:30am: Panel 3 - European Disenchantment? How could the EU (have) become a global player - or at least a regional player with teeth?
Marina Henke
Sönke Neitzel
Brendan Simms
Chair: Laurent Warlouzet
11.00am-12:30pm: Panel 4 - "Thucydides’ Trap"? How Asian was the post-Cold War order - and how much Xi Jinping was in Post Square-China?
Gerlinde Groitl
Rana Mitter
Xian Lanxin
Chair: Iain Martin
2:00pm-3:30pm: Panel 5 - Did the US squander the unipolar moment?
Mary Sarotte
Kori Schake
Susanne Schröter
Chair: N.N.
4:00pm-5:30pm: Panel 6 - Final Discussion
Could the Post-Cold War Order have been sustained?
What can and should International Politics learn from the History of the Post-Cold War Order?
Chair: Andreas Rödder
7:00pm: Conference Dinner at our hotel
Saturday, 3 June
Farewell Breakfast / Debriefing